• Processor / Memory Upgrades
  • Laptop Screen Replacement

Desktop Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade

Sometimes your operating system needs to get an upgrade to improve efficiency. We are here to replace your current hard drive in your PC with a new hard drive, which will increase the performance of your device. We offer quality services at reasonable rates.


We can easily locate or examine the problems caused by hardware or software. Our team will determine the root cause of the issue through a series of system diagnostics. The rates or fees are totally dependent upon the nature of the repair. A team member will then explain and go over the work that needs to be done before proceeding.

Antivirus / Spyware / Malware / Software Installation

Our team of experts will install any version of Antivirus or Malware protection provided by the customer.

Whether your computer of choice is a Mac or a Windows based PC, take it to one of our experienced technicians today for a consultation. 

Brands Covered

Desktop Power Supply Replacement

We offer desktop power supply replacement services at a reasonable rate. If your PC power supply is not working anymore, you need to replace it, so that you can fully enjoy and carry out your daily activities on your desktop. We will install a new power supply, check the voltage levels, and run a complete diagnostic test, we will then return your system to you.

Laptop Part Replacement

We know that your laptop can be an essential part of your professional and personal life. If something starts to go wrong, simply going out and buying a new one isn’t always the best route. Our team of experts can replace the Motherboard, Keyboard, DC Jack, LCD Screens and more. 

Computer Tune-Up

If your computer is running slow, we provide a Tune–up service.  This will remove junk programs unnecessary files and adjust start up programs. Our service can get it running at optimal performance.


Laptop Hard Drive Installation / Upgrade

Due to the advancement in technology, every field is involved in working on the Internet. Laptops help us to stay connected with the rest of the world and contain valuable information. If your hard drive is damaged or you simply need more bandwidth let us be of service. 

And More

Wipe and Purge

We provide a service in which your information is wiped, purged and is made unrecoverable. It is a fact that whenever you delete a file from windows on your computer, it is hidden and the data is still accesibible. Our team uses several methods to erase your personal data from the hard drive. 

  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Laptop Speaker Replacement

Other Services Provided: 

Computer Repair

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  • LCD Replacement

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Operating System Installation

Our team of experts will install any version of Microsoft Windows operating systems provided by our customers.